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Bighead Carp Are Now Present in the St. Croix River. What Does This Mean?
June 1, 2015 - Many anglers and fans of the St. Croix River expected this day to come. Nonetheless, evidence of bighead carp migrating this far into the river system is troubling.

This news might be compared to getting a report of an illness at the doctor's office.

After the shock of the announcement wears off, we are left to grapple with related questions. How bad is it? Can we treat it? If there's nothing we can do, how long before we see symptoms of it spreading? What quality of life can we expect in the years ahead? The “body” of the St. Croix River has been invaded. A precious and delicate ecosystem is being threatened. How it will be affected (and how it responds) remains to be seen. We are hopeful the fishery can withstand this intrusion with a minimum of disruption and damage. The situation could be worse. We could be seeing photos of anglers holding silver carp, which are famous for jumping out of the water. Although bighead carp may stay out of sight under the water's surface, they are voracious eaters and prolific breeders. At the very least, their presence is cause for concern.
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For more information about invasive carp, please visit our invasive carp page.
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Fishing Information - Fishing report and tips related to the St. Croix River
Braggin‘ Board - Local anglers show off some nice fish from the St. Croix River.
Fishing Report  - Lower St. Croix River fishing reports from a local professional fishing guide.
Fish Species Identification Should it go in the livewell or back in the river? This chart will help you identify your catch.
Vern Whitten Photography
Vern Witten specializes in aerial photos including lakes, real estate, commercial property and scenics.
He has been involved in aviation and aerial photography for nearly 40 years.
From the lakes of Wisconsin and Minnesota to the stunning Badlands of North Dakota, his photos provide a unique perspective on the natural beauty of our environment.
Like it or not, the new bridge is under construction. We'll help keep you informed on the latest developments.
Construction Webcam
April 23, 2014 - Paddleboat Tours of Bridge Construction
May 26, 2013 - No Wake Zone on St. Croix for Bridge Project (PDF)
March 15, 2013 - Wisconsin to Begin St. Croix River Bridge Land Purchases
Minnesota DOT Website
Project Visualization
Two Minds Are Better than One  (January, 2015) Having trouble catching a limit? It may be time to change your approach. — by Turk Gierke
Sturgeon Season... Let's Dance! (September, 2014) Fish on! You might not think that an angler could move like that. — by Brian Klawitter
Walleye Opener 2014 (April, 2014) Tips for locations, gear and rigging to catch our favorite golden fish. — by Turk Gierke
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